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First started as "My 2 Cents" in 1997, I have written posts numbering into the hundreds. It will take some time to resurrect the older posts, so keep checking back. They will include meet reports, travelogues, and news of interest to Ontario licence plate collectors.

Doors Open 2012

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The lazy days of summer are here. It’s been so hot and dry outside that there hasn’t been much to do except be lazy.

I’d like to go to more car-related shows during this time of year, but there just isn’t much going on that I can attend. Stirling / Lindsay is in May, springtime Barrie is in June, and fall Barrie isn’t until next month. I do plan on going to Volksfest this month, but that’s a small show, close to home, and easy for me to drive to (as long as Greta isn’t tempermental and doesn’t object to the drive). I tried Bothwell last year and it was fun. Moparfest will be happening soon in New Hamburg—and though I’m not a Mopar guy, the show sure sounds like fun… but with small kids, I have to be very choosy about what events I attend, since it means leaving the kids at home with my wife. My daughter doesn’t like old cars very much. My son is two years old and has the attention span of a gnat. He loves old cars, but he wants to touch them all.

Back in May of this year, the annual Doors Open weekend provided me with some spare time. I had a rare opportunity to tour a storage warehouse of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum. Whoopee, you might think. However, there are two warehouses—one that houses computers, rockets, radars, and other gizmos—and I toured the second one, which houses the transportation collection (trains and cars).

The tour was an hour long, and we went through the trains first, which was enjoyable (even got to see the King’s toilet). But I signed up for the cars, and I’ll briefly describe some of the more interesting cars and plates here. Click on each image for a description.

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