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First started as "My 2 Cents" in 1997, I have written posts numbering into the hundreds. It will take some time to resurrect the older posts, so keep checking back. They will include meet reports, travelogues, and news of interest to Ontario licence plate collectors.

Vineland '22 and Johnny Rubick in the news!

"For collectors, licence plates a unique way to tell country’s history"

The 2022 outdoor Vineland swap meet is coming up in a couple of days. Event host Dave Colonna was interviewed by a reporter from the St. Catharines Standard. He talked about the broader appeal that our hobby has developed, and discussed his Vineland auction fundraiser in support of humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The article also features quotes and several great pictures from John Rubick, who will also be in Vineland this weekend. The article includes the date, time, and location.

The reporter contacted me to contribute some remarks about why plates are interesting to collectors in general. I was happy to provide some background context to round out the article. There are a couple of minor inaccuracies, but that typically happens when the press interviews a plate collector. I provided a lot of info to the reporter, and choosing which details to include was probably like trying to sip water from a fire hose. Sadly, I can't make it to Vineland this time. It was a great day last year!

The article is behind a partial pay wall, so you should be able to see it as long as you're not a regular visitor to the Standard and haven't used up your quota of free articles. Out of respect to copyright, I have not reproduced the article here (although if the link below ever breaks, please contact me; I saved myself a soft copy and will make it available here again).

Heeeeeere's Johnny!

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